by Pursuance

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released February 9, 2012

All music written and performed by Pursuance.

Mix/mastered by Randy Leboeuf @ The Machine Shop




Pursuance Houma, Louisiana

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Track Name: Dreamers
how does it feel in the midst of giants?
who will save you?
who will care?
cry and beg all you want,
this feat is yours and yours alone,
persisting to you depths,
you cannot rule if you have no throne,
how does it feel in the midst of giants?
feeling of hollow,
stripped to bare,
dont let your heavy heart weigh you down,
all you needed was always inside,
induring affliction is half the battle,
when everything loved is jeopardized,
true illusion fabricates true insparation,
perception is not and option,
apprehend your asparations,
ambition of your creation,
we are the generation,
you hands alone will shape the ground,
we are the revolution,
we will rise up and take the crown,
we are the generation,
by brittle bones we will not be bound,
we are the revolution,
that will raise these giants to the ground
Track Name: Torn
the world stays turning,
while you stand still,
catch your feet,
hold your ground,
know your fear,
just to tear it down,
get up,
and pull yourself together,
reach up,
and pull yourself out,
molded by the past,
blind to the future,
understanding should not permit belief,
here lies your destiny,
tread these waters carefully,
one day your bones will break,
one day your eyes will fade,
but not today,
but not today,
if the voyage is where your heart lies,
then set sail,
i will never hold you down.
Track Name: Inscriptions
When i open my eyes,
i see the earth,
twisted in bold hues of black and blue,
when i open my eyes,
im told to look upward,
upward towards the sky,
towards love,
towards hope,
and the obsession of tomorrow,
eyes wide open,
eyes wide shut,
the truth scribbled across thin parchment,
easily erased,
easily changed,
fed lies to alter thoughts of perfection,
its near impossible to break free,
take it all in,
and move it all forward,
strive for tomorrow,
but never forget today.
Track Name: A Turn For The Worse
just breath,
you wont make it out alive,
born the same die a traitor,
you wont make it out alive,
Track Name: Chuggernaut
Raise your weapons to the plea,
undivided we stand,
to fight for what we believe,
life from the enemies hand,
break down the walls,
dont let these boundries stop you,
we were all meant for something,
shatter the bond,
division of a vanguard,
who draws the line on an oppressor?
so grasp a hand oppertunity,
the verdict will submit to views of humanity,
we are all at war with our own,
dont fight with hate,
fight with heart,
give your fate to your faith,
for you will soon depart,
the one to forge the law is the one left standing,
and its just you and me,
you and me.
Track Name: the Anthroparian
difficult is understatement to this situation,
cut through this, cut through this tension,
now or never we move forward,
we move forward,
you want to take steps,
sercumstances call for leaps,
will you weather this storm together?
or will you fall to your knees?
i cant do everything alone,
this path i walk never seems to end,
i cant do everything alone,
only to arive where i already been,
are you really who you think you are?
or who your trying to be?
take a look inside.
what you know is just a shallow understanding,
deep beneath,
it exists,
cut the cord,
never known,
I wont be waiting for you to change your mind,
your world,
your ignorance is misaligned,
i gave all my heart,
i gave all my heart,
for you.
what is an identity anyway?